The Kingdom of Three-Legged Dogs

by Central Magazine

The Kingdom of Three-Legged Dogs is a new educational book written by author and journalist Nathalie Dias and is illustrated wonderfully by Rita Nascimento.

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Inspired by Animal Rescue Algarve's (ARA’s) heartwarming origin story, King Sid “whose dream was to be able to build a huge place where he could house all the dogs and cats that had been abandoned and were in need of shelter and food, and especially those who needed lots of love and affection.”

The book goes on to detail ARA’s furry family members' stories through their eyes and the incredible people who dedicate their lives to animals in need. The book seeks to raise awareness amongst children and adults alike specifically about the importance of adopting and rehoming animals.


Animal Welfare at its Heart

Élia Dias from ARA, told the Central Magazine, “It’s an educational fantasy book for children, based on real events and characters from the ARA, but the most important thing about this book is the education of children and we believe that the author Nathalie Dias has done a brilliant job in creating such an enjoyable story based on animal welfare.”

With regards to the inspiration behind the book, Nathalie Dias shared: “For a long time, I wanted to write a children’s book about animals, but I couldn’t find the right story. One day, while carrying out a report at the Animal Rescue Algarve facilities, the inspiration and the narrative came almost immediately. Witnessing the work, commitment, and dedication to these animals, and their urgent need for a family, really motivated me.”

The Kingdom of three-legged dogs positions itself towards a younger audience, “This book has an educational aspect about animals and aims to sensitise children and adults to the responsible adoption of companion animals at the end of their lives or with special needs, and we hope that it can be adopted as a teaching tool about the animal cause for children and young people in all schools.”


Make a Difference said:

Élia Dias told Central Magazine, “The profits from all the books we sell go to help ARA and to support our animals, but more important is the educational aspect about animals, we hope it can be adopted as a teaching tool about the animal cause for children and young people, having already been distributed to many schools in the Algarve, and we hope that it will be adopted nationwide.”

If you would like to support ARA, The Kingdom of three-legged dogs is available online in both English and Portuguese as well as at WOOFF shops in Loulé and Almancil with all proceeds going directly to the shelter. “Whenever we are present at an event, we will also have copies for sale, and you can also contact us directly at the shelter or via our social networks to purchase it.”


For more information about ARA, please visit or alternatively, keep up to date with them on social media:  or

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